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Nick McAleer

I qualified as a dietitian at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff in 2006 following a four year degree in Applied Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

My first job was in North Devon District Hospital, working in the specialist areas of stroke and acute medicine / surgery. I also provided long-term support in outpatient clinics for people with diabetes, and for those wishing to lose weight.

In 2007, I moved to Exeter as a Community Dietitian, delivering weight management and diabetes education sessions as well as providing nutritional support for a wide-based client group including those with cancer, neurological conditions and mental health issues.

In 2009, I moved into the specialist area of Renal Dietetics at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. I work with a wide range of patients with chronic kidney disease, including those on dialysis, and patients who have had a kidney transplant. This patient group also includes many who have additional diagnosis of heart disease, diabetes and gasto-intestinal issues.

I have completed a secondment to the role of gastrointestinal and colorectal dietitian, looking after patients following complex surgery and providing an outpatient clinic for patients with inflammatory bowel disorders, irritable bowel disease and stomas and provided specialist dietetic advice including the low FODMAP diet.

In my wider role in the Dietetic team in Exeter, I was involved in developing the hospital menus, working to provide suitable choices for different patient groups and ensuring that additional requirements for specialist menus, such as gluten free, Halal, Kosher and modified consistency can be offered.

Throughout 2016, I worked as part of a specialist advisory committee with NICE looking into the potential use of body composition monitoring in haemodialysis patients. I have written several articles for the Journal of Kidney Care  on the dietetic management of renal patients and frequently asked to edit articles for the journal.

I am currently working as part of the My Care team as the lead therapist for the installation of an electronic patient record system which will be used across the hospital and community of Mid and East Devon. 

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